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Committee Members


Ewan Mer

Ewan is a French student  graduated from Institut d’Optique Graduate School and Imperial College in 2021. His specialization is in experimental quantum optics and photonics. His main interest lies in the area of quantum optics applied to quantum computation and simulation along with its potential application. Currently, Ewan is working on the AppQInfo project Gaussian Boson Sampling towards quantum simulation as a member of the research group Ultrafast Quantum Optics group at Imperial College, supervised by Dr. Raj Patel and Pr. Ian Walmsley. Ewan Mer moved from France to the United Kingdom in 2021. His interests apart from research are photography, cinema and tennis.



Anthony Harwood
Anthony is a PhD student in the Complex Nanophotonics group, which he joined in 2022. His research focusses on 4D metamaterials and dielectric metasurfaces for generating entangled photons and is supervised by Prof. Riccardo Sapienza. Anthony received his master's degree from the University of Southampton and subsequently spent a year at the National Physical laboratory, where he worked in the fields of integrated photonics and optical atomic clocks, before joining Imperial. Outside of physics, Anthony enjoys bouldering, seeing live music and cooking. 

Vice President

Anna Fischer

Anna works on complex nanolaser systems studying their emission behaviour under adaptive pumping, under the supervision of Prof. Riccardo Sapienza. Before joining Imperial College Anna studied chemistry at ETH Zurich.  Originally from Switzerland, she enjoys all outdoor activities. When the weather is bad, she loves to cook


Toby Severs

Toby joined Imperial College in October of 2021 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Rupert Oulton and Prof. Chris Phillips, with joint funding from The National Physical Laboratory (NPL). After receiving his master's in 2019 from The University of Sheffield, Toby stayed on as a Research Assistant for two years to continue his work in two-dimensional materials and nanophotonics, before applying for a PhD. His research is now focused on plasmonic structures for non-linear optical processes and photon pair-production, nano lasers and quantum imaging. Outside of the lab he enjoys keeping activity by running and boxing, cooking, and working on projects at the South London Maker's Space.

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